Warm Treats

Choose from tempting Belgian waffles, delectable gluten-free chocolate brownies and moreish cookie sandwiches, each toasted to perfection and topped with your favourite Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt Flavour…and toppings* of your choice!

Coffee lovers, enjoy a freshly brewed cuppa, frappe or affogato made with our delicious frozen yoghurt at selected stores.

*Toppings are available for our brownie and Belgian waffle only.

Our warm treats are available with any of our available flavours.

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Enjoy our warm treats with your favourite frozen yoghurt flavour.

Marcel’s frozen Yoghurt is made with 100% real dairy Yoghurt base which is:

• Preservative free

• Contains less than 3% fat

• Contains live pro-biotic cultures

• Contains sugar

Fruit flavours are made with real fruit pulp and all flavours are formulated with natural ingredients.