Try seven of our most popular flavours wrapped up in a 150ml bite-sized treat on a stick and dipped in crispy chocolate, yoghurt, caramel or choc mint coatings.

• Chocolate flavour coated with Chocolate

• English Toffee flavour coated with Chocolate

• Turkish Delight flavour coated with Chocolate

• Vanilla flavour coated with Chocolate

• Vanilla flavour coated with Caramel Crunch

• Vanilla flavour coated with Chocolate & Mint Crunch

Marcel’s frozen Yoghurt is made with 100% real dairy Yoghurt base which is:

• Preservative free

• Contains less than 3% fat

• Contains live pro-biotic cultures

• Contains sugar

Fruit flavours are made with real fruit pulp and all flavours are formulated with natural ingredients.