The Marcel’s Story

In 1989, we introduced the concept of frozen yoghurt to South African shores. Since our humble beginnings in Stellenbosch, we have opened stores nationwide, established a foothold in the international market and become the proud supplier of a number of top private label retailers. Each lovingly created Marcel’s offering is made from real dairy, infused with live probiotic cultures, gluten-free and contains only natural or nature-identical flavours. We’re not just about mind-blowing taste, but also about valuing the overall experience and effect of our products on our valued customers.

Here’s to pleasing palates around the world, one fabulous frozen treat at a time!

The Proof is in the Pudding

While our products speak for themselves, our awards are equally impressive. We took top honours at the 2015 South African Dairy Championships, claiming the highest accolade as the SA Dairy Champion and making history as the first product outside of the cheese and butter industry to receive this award.

To date, we have won over 50 awards at the benchmarking event, with eight of these seeing us honoured with the highest acclaim– the sought-after Qualité Award – in their respective categories.

Our Mission

To manufacture and supply the finest quality products by; optimising the use of our available resources and motivating our employees through creating a sense of belonging through mutual respect and adequate training and development which will ensure a great quality of service and focusing on the full customer experience, by adding our indulgent flavours to people’s lives. To be constantly innovative through our passion and dedication in developing new and improved frozen dessert products by complying with the highest standards of food production.

Our Vision

To become the leading manufacturer of frozen dessert products, through embarking on a global expansion program, creating increased brand awareness and enlarging the footprint of our brands products and retail outlets and thus becoming a household brand name worldwide.

Our Values

We are committed to:

1) Quality Products
2) Customer Satisfaction
3) Employee Satisfaction
4) Social Responsibility
5) Environmental Responsibility
6) Integrity